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Our interior designers work with you to efficiently plan forward, to book an appointment call us on 020 7431 7722.

The basis of professional room planning

Planning with SieMatic means being able to realise one´s own personal visions of living and furnishing. Those who wish to design their own living space in an individual manner and completely free of conventions, will come a decisive step closer with SieMatic.

Mayfield Design are experienced kitchen planning specialists with a specialised understanding of planning that is required, we will help you to orientate yourself before you decide what is best for you. Basically, what counts is: There are no badly laid out rooms, there are only poorly planned fixtures. The five classic layout types described here will give you an exemplary impression of the sheer unlimited possibilities of individual kitchen planning.

The Linear Arrangement | Mayfield Design

The linear arrangement is the space-saving solution for small rooms, but also for combination kitchen and living rooms. However, it offers little work or storage space. At least three metres are required for optimal use without restriction in regard to the appliances.

The U Shaped Arrangement | Mayfield Design

The U-shaped arrangement offers generous work and storage space. However, there must be enough room to allow freedom of movement between the opposite sides. In addition, you have to consider carefully how the recesses will be used so as not to waste valuable storage space.

The Railroad or Galley Arrangement | Mayfield Design

The Railroad or Galley arrangement consists of two entire units that are facing each other. This solution is especially suitable for square shaped rooms. As well as for in which door and window are arranged opposite each other and offers sufficient freedom of movement between the sides. Usefully separated, spacious functional areas are the result, if the stove and the sink are not built into the same side.

The L Shaped or Corner Arrangement | Mayfield Design

The L-shaped or Corner arrangement in a sufficiently-large room offers space for a dining table that my also be used for preparation without disturbing the individual work processes. It can not only be used when you have the necessary walls, it can also be used if one of the elements is then used as a bar counter and then the room has an optical arrangement.

The Peninsular or Island Arrangement | Mayfield Design

The Peninsula or Island arrangement is becoming an increasingly popular element in modern architectural concepts. It offers a great deal of individual creative freedom. Yet the planning requires a carefully-considered arrangement of functions and furniture elements due to the lack of walls. In order to create an ideal configuration for the work areas, the use of islands offers an elegant solution.

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