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The most comfortable workplace in the world | Ergonomical Kitchen Design

Today, there are numerous ways to relieve back strain, to create easy access and to make working more comfortable in general. Mayfield Design will find all possible outcomes to turn your SieMatic kitchen into a workplace in which you will feel totally at ease.


As with any work, the work in the kitchen can become a physical strain: if you are forced into an unnatural posture. Or if you must perform the same movement over and over again for a long period of time. Individual preferences when cooking must be taken into consideration when planning the kitchen. Especially the height of the counter top must be constructed with regard to the person who uses it the most. In order to avoid the same working position all the time, a sitting work station is ideal. In addition, there are seats and standing aids available to vary the position when working while standing and to relieve the legs and back.

Work Areas

With an average kitchen size of 11 m², efficient fitting and structuring of the individual work zones deserve special attention. Sophisticated systems for the wall and recess fittings offer useful help for these areas. Improvements can also be made through the selected thickness of the counter tops. Thicknesses of up to 75 cm make it possible to position small appliances in the recess area without them extending out into the work area. Furthermore, the use of thicker worktops increases the head space in the overhead cabinet areas.

Furniture Elements

Drawers and pull-outs that offer clarity and easier access are usable in almost every area of the kitchen and guarantee that you are able to reach the furthermost corner of the storage area. A person's maximum range of reach is on the average about 35 cm above the head. If you are planning overhead cabinets in the height of the room, you should also consider a stepladder. Another careful consideration is the positioning of cabinet doors and appliances, such as i.e. the stove or dishwasher. Open cabinet doors in the overhead cabinet area can sometimes be a real headache. That can be eliminated by installing modern folding lift doors or lift doors.

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