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Appointments can be organised with great flexibility at your convenience.

Our interior designers work with you to efficiently plan forward, to book an appointment call us on 020 7431 7722.

About Us | Mayfield Design

With over 10 years of experience working along side some of the most demanding and exclusive clients and over 300 kitchens designed and installed round the UK, Mayfield Design is truly "a cut above the rest"

In-house designers, custom woodworkers, master painters and superior project management experts are all brought together and given the finest cabinetry, appliances, counters, flooring and other related products to create kitchens and bedrooms that are as unique and personal as a client's signature. 

Our success can be attributed to the wide variety of styles which we offer, catering for all tastes and cultures paying attention to innovative technical details. Our remit is to design a quality product down to the very last detail. Quite simply, to deliver the best.

Every person is different | Every SieMatic too

In our industrialised times in which many things are becoming more and more similar, there is a growing desire to give room to personal lifestyle.

SieMatic kitchens are distinguished by an especially broad spectrum of planning possibilities in order to develop exceptional solutions even from average requirements. Mayfield Design can help you plan and provide you with a solution that works.

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